5 Unusual Gifts that All Newly weds would Love

Gifting is never as easy as it seems, especially when it comes to newlyweds. Most people go overboard while choosing wedding gifts. However, most often, after the reception, the couple gets stuck with several pressure cookers, mattresses, numerous dinner sets, and many showpieces that they don’t know what to do with! Why waste your time and effort on giving something that no one really wants? Wouldn’t you like to gift something that can be used by the couple, and really appreciated as well? We agree it can be confusing. To save you from the confusion, we have a brilliant idea- gift them a wonderful experience! Here are some suggestions for you to choose from:

#1. Fun dance lessons :
This is the perfect gift for an fun loving couple. The newlyweds will love to learn a new dance form while getting a chance to spend some fun time together. There are numerous options available too- samba, mambo, salsa, tango, ballet, and so many more! These dance forms involve fast, foot-tapping music, and allow the couple to get very close to each other, making a great option to spend time quality together. Or, how about a belly dancing class for her and Bollywood or bhangra lessons for him? They will definitely be excited!a

#2. Fitness sessions :
Whether the newlyweds are fitness buffs or whether you think they should “get moving”, this is the perfect gift! Gift them a membership at a high-end gym in the city, or you can even sign them up for a personal trainer, this will certainly make them appreciate your thoughtfulness. In fact, weight gain is a huge problem for many couples after the binging sessions that follow the wedding and honeymoon. So, no gift can be more apt.b

#3. Couple yoga sessions :
Several good yoga studios have a ‘partner yoga’ option available. Yoga is said to refreshing, envigorating and even sensuous when done with your partner. Why not let your friends make the most of their time together, by spending it at yoga sessions? This will be a one of a kind experience for them, we assure you.c

#4. Spa holiday :
This can be the most romantic and sensuous gift you can give a couple. Gifting just spa sessions is passé. You can go that extra mile and gift your special friends a stay at a spa resort! Not only will this be rejuvenating after the wedding planning stress, but it will offer a exotic and refreshing mini-honeymoon experience. They will thank you every single day, trust us.d

#5. Romantic mini-break :
Why just a spa resort? You can go ahead and gift the lovebirds with a small vacation too. Sure the newlyweds have already planned to go on their dream honeymoon. They might have already booked and arranged for the trip, and you definitely don’t want to mess with these plans. What you can do is, gift them a mini-break; maybe a romantic getaway for a weekend. This will give them something more exciting to look forward to even after their honeymoon! This can be at a quiet resort on the outskirts of the city, or a nearby hill station. Wherever it is, rest assured that the lovebirds will love it much more than a pressure cooker!e

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