7 Guests Every Bride Would Love to Have At Her Wedding

We have all heard of horrible wedding guests who put a dampener on your wedding; but then there are some adorable guests without whom your wedding is incomplete. They make you smile and laugh on this wonderful day and remind you what weddings are truly about. Let us have a look at these adorable wedding guests that every couple wants at their wedding.

#1. “I-will-do-everything-to-make-you-happy” bridesmaid :
While having a bridesmaid is a relatively new concept in India, every bride definitely has a BFF who only wants to make sure that the bride stays happy and relaxed. She will fetch you food when you are tired of interacting with guests, she will carry your make up kit and retouch whenever your eye liner or lipstick smudges, she will help to lift your heavy lehenga as you make your way to the washroom, and basically do anything to ensure that the smile is not wiped off your pretty face.bridsmaid

#2. Happily married Dada and Dadi :
This evergreen couple will remind you what weddings are truly about; living happily ever after with your soul mate. You will see them fussing over each other, ensuring that their partner has eaten something and taken their medicines and just basking in joy in each other’s company. Be sure to meet them personally, take their ashirwaad and ask them the secret to a strong marriage.

#3. Cool cousins :
Every bride needs a bunch of cool cousins who will play pranks, crack silly jokes and simply liven up the entire wedding. From taking funny pictures of you and your husband, stealing your shoes instead of the groom’s, telling everybody about your hilarious childhood tales, the cool cousin brothers will definitely crack everyone up!coolcousins

#4. Mushy relatives :
Weddings are all about joy and happiness, but your mushy relatives will definitely shed tears at random. They will shed tears during your pheras, during kanyadaan, your reception and whenever they are reminded that you will no longer live with them. And the mushiest of them all will definitely be your mommy dearest!

#5. Aunty cool  :
We all have that aunt don’t we? The one who does not care what others say, who can pay back snarky comments in kind, and who knows how to have a good time. She will wear the flashiest of clothes, would not mind a drink or two, and will not shy from hitting the dance floor all on her own. Youngsters admire her, the older ones envy her, but you just love her!

#6. Naughty yet cute children  :
Rowdy children who bring the house down with their wails are a no-no, but adorable naughty children are a big yes at any wedding! They will run around the venue innumerable times, keep playing games that only they understand, come up and ask silly yet cute questions, and will be the life of the wedding. Plus, would not it be fun to speculate with your groom how naughty your child will be when he or she grows up?children

#7. The disco dancer  :
He may be your unassuming uncle or your husband’s shy best friend, but once the music starts playing, he will break into the liveliest of jigs. What’s more, he will ensure that all your guests, who were otherwise sitting and gossiping, will now get up and dance with him. Soon enough, your dance floor will be full off dancing divas and disco dancers having the best time of their lives!

Ensure that all of them are there as you get married to your Prince Charming. Your wedding will definitely be incomplete without these quirky, adorable, completely crazy but extremely lovable guests!

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