List of wedding Anniversary Gifts to your spouse

List of wedding Anniversary Gifts:


Every wedding is filled with love and joy. It bonds two souls together for life time. But time won’t stop for anyone and then your wedding anniversary comes within the time of your eye blink. You never realize how fast the things changed.

Wedding Anniversary is not fulfilled or ended without Gifts. Getting idea about the gifts at peak time is highly difficult. Here we came up to help you with lots of ideas and variety of gifts which everyone can afford.

Let’s start with the Gifts List:

Greeting Cards:

  • Create your own Greeting Cards and add what you feel about your spouse.
  • Handmade personalized greeting card will express the love and dedication you have towards your partner.


  • Gift flower bouquets or decorate your house with flowers make a flower proposal to your partner.
  • Choose your partners favorite flowers and try to make a combination of different flowers.

Name Plates:

  • Create a name plate on your spouse name or on both of your names.

  • You can find many DIY name plates in YouTube.

Surprise Day Out:

  • Plan a day out with your spouse where you have loads of memories.
  • Make sure not to miss all the pre-arrangements before you arrive at that place.

Long Drive:

  • Go for a long drive to your favorite destination.
  • Choose the vehicle according to the climate and season, so that you don’t fall in trouble and ruin your day.
  • Choose a peaceful and happy moments place.


  • Choose the best perfume which your spouse likes
  • Fragrance gift set can be found in various varieties for both men and women.


  • Gift something which your spouse is trying to buy from a long period of time.
  • Gift clothes from your partner’s favorite designer.


  • Gift a jewellery set or something which your spouse likes.
  • Make sure to choose which suits your partner.

Dinner Date:

  • Plan a dinner date for you both.
  • Reserve a table and Arrange a candle light dinner.

Home Decorative Items:

  • Present some home décor items which you are looking from a long period of time.
  • Choose wooden antique pieces or decorative flower items or many more.

Foreign Trip:

  • Gift a Foreign trip and plan a big vacation.
  • Make your spouse dreams true.

Kitchen Set:

  • Kitchen set Gifts will make your wife.
  • You can get personalized mugs and other kitchen appliances to gift your spouse.

Home Appliances:

  • Home Appliances as a present is the best idea, the items which you are planning to buy and the items for which argument is never ending between you both will make a happy ending by this gift.

House Renovation:

  • Renovate your house if there are any chances.
  • Plan according to your desires and create a dream house.


  • Prepare food for your partner by adding flavors of your love and care for your partner.
  • Eat together and spend some quality time together.


  • Can gift personalized clock with different shades, colors, names and many more.


Make an unforgettable wedding anniversary. Pre-Plan all the gifts and make sure not to mess anything. Try to spend all the time only with your spouse. Make a happy ending.

Happy Wedding Anniversary!!

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