10 Creative Wedding Favors


The D-day celebration is a special thing for everyone and to make it even more special some decide to give wedding favors to their guests. But often they wonder what to give them and sometimes they worry whether they fit into wedding’s budget. And since they are wedding favors they should be indispensable. So here are few ideas for you to give your wedding guests as a remainder of your wedding and within range too.



Wedding Favors:

1. Succulents in Tea Cups:

This is a good wedding favor you can actually give. Place Succulent plants/any flower in tea cups in a decorative manner with a tag notifying both your spouse and your’s name on the side of it. You could add a small spoon with your name on it instead of a tag.



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2. Mason Jars:

Place different type of treats in mason jars and place them on the table for your guests. They can decide what type of mason jar they can take with them.

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3. Tote Bag:

You can always give tote bags with your names printed on it placing some sanitary napkins and other minute items like a candy or a fruit of your choice if you wish and so on.

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4. Gift Bags:

You can always give them gift boxes like toy takeout boxes, a teddy-bear bearing your names on its center while at its back is an attached basket like structure to place items in it. It will look cute and adorable.

5. Straw Baskets:

These are another easy ones which are useful and decorative too. Choose a straw basket of a desirable size and place some candies, doughnuts, scented candles and any other things of your own choice.

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6. Shot Glasses:

Shot glasses are affordable and useful too. You can always give them or instead of Shot glass you can give them a glass bowl or decorative drinking glass set.

7. Bottle Openers:

Bottle openers are also useful things one prefer to have at their own. So give them some specialized bottle openers.

8. Mugs:

Small Mugs filled with cookies or pie or candies can also be used as wedding favor.

9. Glass Candle Holders:

You can give them glass candle holders too which are useful a lot.

10. Centerpiece:

You can give them small decorative center pieces to be placed either on a wall or inside a car of their own choice.

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Whatever you give them make sure that they are not easily dispensable if you wish to make your wedding a well remembered event.


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