4 Tips to Loose Weight Before Your Big Day (wedding day)!

Every girl wants to look her best on her wedding day. You’ll have your hair fixed to perfection, makeup done to make you look and feel like a Hollywood star, and you’ll want to lose some weight to look your absolute best. Most people shy away from the thought of losing weight because they don’t even know where to start. And then once you do start – how do you keep it up for long enough to really see results? Fear not, we are here to help. Here’s 4 tips to loose weight before your big day:losingweight

1. Set a goal :
Goal setting is the most important step in any plan in life. If you got into your car with no idea where you wanted to go, you wouldn’t end up getting anywhere would you? Losing weight is exactly the same. Goals and targets tell you where you want to get to, and will spur you on to keep at it when things get tough. So set a goal today, write it down on a piece of card and slip it into your purse. Look at it every day. “I want to weigh ____ by my wedding day”. You’ll be surprised how powerful this alone can be to your weight loss success!

2. Diet :
We’ve all heard that real estate is all about ‘location, location, location’. Well losing weight is all about diet, diet, diet! You can’t get the results you really want if your diet isn’t right. Exercise and diet go hand in hand. You’ll have more motivation to stick to your diet if you’re exercising; and more motivation to exercise if you’re sticking to a diet. So really take care in what you are eating. Go shopping with a list of foods to help you lose weight, and stick to that list.

3. Exercise :
Exercising is the first thing anyone thinks of when losing weight. We should exercise anyway for a healthy and happy body, even if not trying to lose weight. Exercising is your way of helping your body help itself, by burning up extra calories and improving your circulation, both help you lose weight. So start swimming, jogging or using your local gym. Why not walk to and from work every day and fit exercise into your busy schedule. If you’re new to exercise make sure you don’t try to do too much to soon as this is a sure fire way to ensure you won’t stick to any work out plan! Set yourself a plan which has you ease into exercise, building it up as time passes. Why not go to a gym and have a personal trainer make one for you?

4. Plan and Prepare :
Sticking to a diet or exercise regime can be harder than you think. You’re in a rush out and decide grabbing a burger on your way is quicker than preparing something healthy. You sit watching TV for a hour, get comfortable, and decided missing the gym ‘just this once’ won’t do any harm. This is all due to a failure to plan and prepare. Plan the day before what meals you’re going to eat, and prepare them, cook them, and pack them up ready for the next day. That way you’ll always have ready made healthy meals waiting for you and
won’t need to break your diet. Similarly, plan the day before what time you will go to the gym, or do your exercise, and stick to it.

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