5 Timeless Hairstyles that Look Good on Every Bride

Whether you and your partner are planning to tie a knot or saying ‘I Do’, as a bride you are the queen of your wedding day. Undoubtedly, all eyes would be on you. Hence, it is important that you look absolutely charming to melt the heart of your beloved, and to create a lasting impression on the guests as well.bridehairsty1 Bridal hairstyle is one of the most important aspects here, and you should make sure that your hairdo blends perfectly with your bridal wear and accessories. So, here are top 5 timeless hairstyle ideas that look good on every bride.

Classic Bridal Bun
Indian brides preferably choose classic, voluminous buns that beautifully complement with their traditional bridal wear and jewellery. Typically, the hair is pulled together first, and then rolled or twisted to form a bun, which is then supported with hair clips. You can try parting the front hair from the middle or back brushing it to get a fluffy hairdo.bridehairsty2For a more unique and appealing style, it can be exemplified with stunning hair accessories or fresh flowers. A gorgeous maang tikka will further enhance the beauty of the bridal bun, and blend perfectly with the gorgeous wedding dress and jewellery.

Side Bun
If you are proud of your beautiful eyes and prominent rosy cheeks, do not shy away from flaunting them on your wedding day. You can choose to have a side bun on your wedding day, which exquisitely highlights eyes and cheeks. It is a variation of tradition bridal bun. In a side bun the hair is thoroughly brushed after blow-dry, and then pulled back to form of a puffed-up bun onto one side.bridehairsty3You can allow some hair to roll onto your shoulders to give a more unique and interesting appeal.

Curly Hairstyles
Curls would lend a charming yet comfortable look to your face. Half updos with beautiful swirly curls will look good on any bride. Another option can be to go for soft loose waves with open hair and a statement hair accessory. Waves are a great idea for brides who have naturally curly hair, as they can feel at ease with these styles.bridehairsty4Curly hair extensions with colored highlights can be another good addition for brides with short hair. Accentuate this hairstyle with some curvy clips, flowers or pearl combs.

Traditional Embellished Braids
On Indian brides, traditional embellished braids also look stunning, especially if they have long hair. This hairstyle is simple, but looks extremely gorgeous on your wedding dress and jewellery when festooned with floral accessories and beads.bridehairsty5Part your hair in the middle and apply some gel to let the strands be in place. Now make a simple braid and embellish it with heavy jewellery, flowers, and hair accessories.

Spanish Updo
If you are looking for something unique and beautiful, Spanish updo can look exceptionally good if you have long and thick hair. First blow-dry the hair to add volume and then part them horizontally. Taking the upper part of the hair, style it in any way you wish such as roll-overs or a pinned-up bun. Let the other part flow down on your shoulders naturally.bridehairsty6You can also curl the free-flowing section to enhance the beauty of your look. Use flowers or bejewelled pieces to embellish your hair.

Talk to your hairstylist to understand which of these classic bridal hairstyles will look best on you. Add beauty to these hairstyles with some interesting hair accessories and a stylish maang tikka to complete your D-day look!

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