Mr. Right ? Or Mr. Wrong?

In Quest of Mr. Right?


Life Partner!! Better/Best Half!! Hearing words like these may bring goosebumps to some people,  gives unknown chills to some others and to some it may bring pleasant thoughts too or in some cases cause fear too. Whatsoever the reaction might be it all boils down to the point that choosing a life partner is inevitable and one has to go through that phase of life when one decides to marry. It doesn’t matter whether it is arranged marriage or love marriage but it matters whether you choose the right guy or not. So here we go, take a look to know whether he is Mr. Right or Mr. Wrong.

Proceed with Caution:

In the league of love marriages though choosing Mr. Right is not much of a problem since one will have total control over whether to accept somebody’s proposal, sometimes things can go very wrong if you neglect to observe certain things while choosing.  However it is totally different when it comes to arranged marriage where parents choose the groom for their daughter. Even though parents might consider all factors when they suggest certain person as a prospectus groom one has to approach with caution than haste. Heeding slow is preferable to regret in such matters. So take time to know the person you are considering to choose as a life partner.


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Deciding Factors:

Remember the decision of choosing Mr. Right doesn’t relay entirely in the hands of parents but upon individual too. Marriage is not a child’s play but a life turning even to one and all. So ask yourself the following questions before giving consent to marry someone no matter what the circumstances may be. Because everything may change in the single blink of an eye!!

1.What is he like? 

Get to know him personally, talk to him whenever you can. Go on casual dates if it’s possible. Take a closer look at him, observe how he talks, his mannerisms, his behavior, his attitude.

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2.How does he communicate with you?

This is a keen thing that should be observed. While he is talking with you observe  whether he is reserved in his talks or far expressive or polite  or a little shy or narrow minded or somehow does all the talking. In future communicating about things should not be a problem in couples which we can observe in many now-a-days.

3.Does he respects you as an individual?

This is the most important thing to consider. First he has to respect your individuality, your choices, everything pertaining to you. If he doesn’t like anything in you, observe how he expresses that to you, whether he is demanding you to change or giving you an ultimatum stating you must or letting you know in a gentle manner that he doesn’t like that.

4.How does he treat your friends?

In the present era where social network is a big prospect of one’s life take him out to meet your friends. See how he interacts with them does he flirt or prefer being an introvert/extrovert or disapproves/approves your friends and so on.

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5.How does he make you feel?

In the process of understanding each other spending time is essential. Think how does he make you feel when you are together. Does he make you feel like you had a good time just like conversing with a friend? Do you see any signs of aggression when your opinion differ to that of him in certain matters? Does he make you feel stupid ?(like asking you questions like do you know about that or boasting about himself). Does he intimidate you?

6.Can he treat you right?

Every girl dreams about having a perfect partner. There is no such a thing of anybody being perfect but at least know whether he treats you in the manner you want to be treated like showing care, affection, love, compassion, gentleness. Looks and money will get you nowhere if he doesn’t treat you right so don’t fall for them but consider wisely because this is important.

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7.Do you think you can be happy with him?

After getting to know him for some time ask yourself this one final question. Do you see yourself being happy with that person in long run? Do you think he is a healthy person with healthy attitude to share your life with? Do you think he will support you and doesn’t treat you as an inferior person?


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These are some basic questions you got to ask yourself before you accept someone as your life partner. Choosing Mr. Right is not difficult if you know what to look for in the other person. So all the best and choose your Mr. Right wisely, then you won’t regret in the long run!!!









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