Wedding – Reception games

Roll the Dice :
Place a pair of dice at each table. Ask the guests to pair up at their tables. Between dances or meal courses, ask the pairs to roll the dice. If the pair rolls an even number the Bride and Groom has to kiss. If the pair rolls an odd number the rolling pair has to kiss.

Give Back the Keys :
This game takes just a bit of planning but you can have the MC or DJ take care of the set up. This game is also more entertaining if the new couple did not previously live together.
Keys are given to a group of male guest and one female relative, an aunt or older family friend, of the groom. Give the bride a basket and the MC should announce that now she is married anyone who has a key to her apartment should return it. All but one of the male guest should put a key in the basket. The same should be done for the groom except the only ones to return a key should be the last male guest and the female relative.

Roman Hands and Russian Fingers :
First, blindfold the bride. Have the best man place small clips somewhere on the grooms person. They should be placed in difficult to find places like his shoelaces or the back of his hair. The blindfolded bride should then try to find the clips on the grooms person by feeling for them. To involve the guest, they can call out “warmer” or “colder” to help guide the bride to the clips.

Shoely Wed Game :
Place 2 chairs back to back and have the bride and groom sit in the chairs. Each should remove their shoes. The bride should take one of the groom’s shoes in one hand and her other shoe in the other hand. The groom should do the same with one of the bride’s shoes and one of his shoes. The MC or DJ will then ask questions of the couple and the couple should raise the shoe appropriate to answer the question.
Sample Questions
Who spends the most time on the internet?
Who is most likely to use the last of the toilet paper and not change the role?
Who uses the most cell phone minutes?
Who’s the better cook?
Who spends the most money?

Garter Relay :
This is a game for the male guests. Divide the guys into two teams and have them stand in two lines. Place 2 chairs a few yards away from the lines. Have the first guy in each line sit in a chair. The next in line will have a garter and at the signal they will run to place the garter on the calf of the seated participant.
The seated guy will then run back to the line, takes the garter off and give it to the next guy in line. He then gets in the back of the line. The garter holder will then run to put the garter on the seated guy. The game continues in this manner.The winning team is the one that gets the last man back to the line.

Identify the Groom :
First, blindfold the bride. Have the bride try to choose her groom by feeling the faces of 5 guest. Choose anyone but the groom to participate.
Game Variations
Have the 5 guest touch the bride hand by shake hand.
Have the 5 guest come close to the bride and make her touch their face.
With each variation, it is more fun to choose anyone but the groom to participate.

Identify the Bride  : 
First blindfold the groom. Choose 5 people, other than the bride, to kiss the groom on the cheek. The groom should then try to identify his bride.
Game Variations
Have the groom identify his bride by feeling their feet. For even more fun, choose 5 men.

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