10 Expert Exercising Tips to Lose Weight At Home For Your Wedding

A bride-to-be has to juggle a million of things simultaneously, from planning her wedding and working on that dream outfit to spending time with her would-be and dreaming about her post-wedding life. In between all this, it is quite obvious that she would hardly find time to go to a gym or stick to a fitness regime.

Girls, if you truly want to lose weight, you really do not require heavy gym machines or expensive equipments to do so. All you need is will power and some persistence. Yes, you can lose weight easily at home. If you feel that only big machines can give you results, you are mistaken. Working against your own body resistance is the best way to lose weight. So, here are some easy ways for soon-to-be brides to lose weight at home.
Weight Loss Tip #1
Substitute your chair with a gym ball. Just sitting on it, you will be stabilising and activating your core area. Similarly, climb up and down the stairs. It is same as cross trainer in a gym.

Weight Loss Tip #2

At home, one can exercise and shape up with simple things like tubing, thera band or resistance bands, dumbbells, barbells, etc. Do not neglect sculpting exercises and toning up the muscles while aiming for weight loss.

Weight Loss Tip #3
Calisthenics- these exercises also do not require any equipment. They use your own body weight to help you tone and sculpt. For example, lunges, squats, crunches, plies, and push-ups. All these exercises not only help you to tone up, but also if done correctly they can facilitate weight loss.

When targeting weight loss, do more sets and repetition; and reduce the resting period. This will help to keep your heart rate up and burn fat faster.

Weight Loss Tip #4
Do not underestimate yoga. Yoga, if done correctly, is effective for weight loss. All you need is a mat at home. You can do power yoga. Incorporate repetitions of sun salutations (surya namaskar).

Do many repetitions and reduce the resting time in between. Breathe correctly and see how it helps in weight loss.

Weight Loss Tip #5
Like yoga, Pilates too can be done on a mat. But unlike yoga, Pilates are more dynamic. It focuses more on strengthening the core and has to be done with precision. Even if you do fewer repetitions, do them correctly and effectively.weightloosetip6
They say when you do Pilates, in first month, you feel the difference, in second month you see the difference and in the third month, the whole world sees it. This is absolutely true. It is tried and tested.

Weight Loss Tip #6
One hour of kickboxing makes you burn a lot of calories. Learn to jab, punch and kick. Try it at home. Sweat out some calories and some fat and get in shape.

Weight Loss Tip #7

Dancing your way to fitness is one of the most fun, easy and enjoyable ways to lose weight and shape up. Put your favourite music and dance. Whether it is Punjabi bhangra or Bollywood, skip, hop, jump and just have fun. Sweat out for an hour and see a new and fitter body.

Weight Loss Tip #8

Weight loss is not achieved only through cardio. Journey to weight loss has to be holistic. Pranayama, meditation and breathing exercises also help to regulate the internal organs. Mind, body and soul have a deep connection, and these exercises will help you to achieve that. These exercises will also help to calm our nerves and reduce stress.

Weight Loss Tip #9

There are many exercises that are not just safe, but also very effective. Treadmill can be substituted with small outdoor walks or at-home spot-jogging or skipping. There are many such ways to have a good cardio workout, all you need is lifestyle modifications are also needed.

Weight Loss Tip #10
It is important to do yoga stretches after your workout. You can do these while cooling down. It will reduce the post-exercise soreness and you will be ready to work with renewed energy the next day.


So, whether you get time to hit the gym or not, just keep this small guide with you to lose weight and tone up at the comfort of your home. Well, happy healthy living!

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