Reasons to Match Kundali Before Getting Married

It is often said that opposites attract, but does it hold any substance when those opposites are human beings? What happens next when there are tremors in the paradise? Life is not always a bed of roses! Astrological predictions are just not about future forecasts. Horoscopes also indicate nature, preferences, social communication skills and behaviour pattern of a person. In Indian society, marriages are expected to last forever. Kundali matchmaking of a prospective bride and groom is the only option to ensure their compatibility. Once they get married, their horoscopes also have a combined impact on their future and lifestyle for the rest of their lifetimes.

How does it work?

Time and again, it has been proved that movements of our ruling planets have a major effect on our lives. Astrologers are able to determine compatibility between two people by studying the cosmic charts associated with each one.
When astrologers match kundlis, they look at key factors like location, date and time of birth. The results are based on position of planets and stars. The match that comes up with more gunas (positive points) is considered a good match.Those who believe the system of Kundali Milan should know the reasons behind this kundali matching custom.

To check marriage compatibility :
Marriage, in Hinduism is considered to be a sacred union which the couple should not only abide by in this life but for the next seven successive lives too. Horoscope basically reflects the planet positions of a person and their effects on his/her life. Astrological means of judging marriage compatibility ensure the harmonious relationships between the couple.
According to Hindu Shastras, nature considers man and women as single identity after marriage. Marriage is regarded as a religious ceremony and marriage provide the equality of the partner in respect of Dharma (right conduct), Artha (financial position), Kama (sex relation) and Moksha (final salvation). As a result one spouse’s destiny, luck and fate influence the other. It can either create wonders or lead to a bad relationship. This is why kundali milan plays a vital role in decoding the marriage compatibility of two people.

To know relationship quotient :kundali1
Astrological considerations help us to resolve the complex problem of marriage selection. If careful astrological investigations into the various Gunas are considered before the marriage, the couple may live life happily. For considering this ‘Guna’ or ‘Ashtakoot’ is one of the major parameters taken into consideration while matching a kundali. Altogether, there are eight gunas which are taken into consideration to test the amity between two people. Each guna has different numeric points which when added, sum up to a total of 36. The marriage is acceptable if two kundalis match with 18 or more points. Higher score means better compatibility.

Criteria for Guna matching:
Varna – Selection as per planet’s casts
Vashya – Attraction
Tara – Affliction of Certain constellations
Yoni – sexual compatibility.
Graha Maitri – Planetary friendship
Gan – Mental Compatibility (temperament)
Bhakoot – Relative influence of one on the other
Nadi – Signifies pulse or nervous energy indicating the physiological and to a certain extent hereditary factors

To foresee mental and physical compatibility :kundali2
Both partner’s mindset, behavior, temper, interest and aptitude are predicted through kundali Milan. This ensures a happy marriage. Also, the level of physical attraction is tested since marriage cannot survive if there is no feeling of desirability for each other. Moreover, the health condition of to-be bride and groom is also a point to be considered.

To consider the longevity of the bride and the groom :
When there is no longevity in the case of bride and grrom, the horoscope is rejected even though the kundali is strong or the requisite numbers of Gunas are available.

To foretell financial conditions and family adjustment :kundali3
Financial stability, job prospective in the near future; chances of promotions are analyzed through kundali. Besides this, the other thing that is tallied is the adjustment parameter. Whether the girl and the boy can adjust with each other and their respective families or not, whether they can adapt to changing situations or not are part of the matching ritual.
It is the duty of the parents to consult learned astrologers for Kundali milan and to ensure that the newlyweds live a happy married life.

The modern context
There are many in India who go by what their heart says, and do not spend too much time on matchmaking and astrology, when it comes to choosing their life partner. But the importance of matching kundlis for long-term harmony is still not underestimated by elders in most families. They want you to have a happy life with your beloved, and want nothing to ruin it. So, for their satisfaction, many young people willingly perform various pariharas or remedies and pujas in order to eliminate the negativities generated by unfavourable planetary positions in their horoscopes. Even though love takes the front seat, many still go for it for the contentment and happiness of the family.
There are numerous factors governing each individual, and their compatibility with their chosen life partner. Kundli matching gives a glimpse into these factors and thus the compatibility between two people. This is probably why the kundli matching system is still relevant in the Indian marriage scenario.

Importance of Mahurat
It is not only about Kundali matchmaking of the bride and the groom. The Mahurat (exact time) chosen to tie the knot for the holy matrimony also strongly influences the of married life. If planetary movements are not desirable or badly influence the Lagna or seventh house of Mahurat or even if Chandra is badly influenced at the time of marriage, the happiness is dampened. Moon should not be passing through constellation of Paap Graha or at least should not be in Rashi in which strong Paap Grahas- Shani, Rahu and Ketu are transiting. Mahurat is given due importance all over India.kundali4

Kundali matchmaking can be highly useful when all the calculations are done considering all the factors. Kundali matchmaking along with proper interpretations of the report is necessary for the predictions to be accurate. It reduces or avoids the impact of a major blow in the matrimonial life. Kundali matchmaking being a very common phenomenon of Indian culture, is probably one of the core reasons for long matrimonial lives of Indian, as it checks the compatibility quotient of the couples. It is misconception that Kundali matchmaking is required only for arrange marriages. It is equally essential for love marriage also. It predicts longevity of the relationship considering the factors which cannot be observed when people are in love. With the passage of time, Kundali matchmaking in the cases of love marriages are also desired, specially by the parents of the prospective bride and the groom.

Years back, Shakespeare had said something very sensible, as always
Marriage is a matter of more worth
Than to be dealt in by attorneyship
For what is wedlock forced but a hell
An age of discord and continual strife?
Whereas the contrary bringeth bliss,
And is a pattern of Celestial peace.

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