5 Fabulous ideas for your Anniversary


Sometimes time flew by and you don’t know how and all but suddenly your anniversary date is approaching. You may have many ideas but you don’t know what to do, how to do or end up confused not knowing what exactly to do. So take some time and go through the following ideas that may help you in planning for your anniversary.

1. Plan a Surprise:

If you can, then plan a surprise for your beloved one. Like a surprise party at your house with all your loving ones or by taking to his/her favorite place or arranging tickets for his/her favorite movie or game .

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2. Romantic Dinner:

Prepare a home made dinner nothing like everyday ones you have but making everything special like decorating your house to set a romantic mood like lighting candles wherever you think can be placed, arranging the table only for two, flowers and all. Simply a Candle light dinner.

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3. Romantic Getaway:

If you can manage take leave from your daily work and pack you both for a romantic get away depending on the places you both like and are planning to go bu t never went. It will be both a surprise and something lovely to do on your anniversary.

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4. Recreate your D-day:

Spend that day with each other, free yourself from all your obligations and walk down the memory lane by recalling everything on that day. Talk with each other, watch your wedding video, recollect everything since the day you know each other to till that day.

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5. Gifts:

If you want to make it even more special give your beloved one a gift that is near to their heart like giving them something made by your own. If it’s not possible then something like a watch that they want to buy but didn’t or for every year anniversary there will be special gifts associated for that particular day. It should be a thoughtful gift rather than just a token representing that day.


All these are just suggestions if you want you can do something different but make sure to celebrate your special day with each other and make it even more special by strengthening the bond between you both.




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