Crafty Ways to Make Your Wedding Invitations Unique

Every couple wants their wedding day to be as unique as their relationship. Brides place a huge importance on getting an individually-designed gown, grooms may spend time

choosing a special waistcoat, cummerbund or tie, and a wedding planner may be employed to make sure the design and décor of the event is unlike any other gone before.weddinginvitation4

One of the most essential aspects of any wedding is the wedding invitation. The invitations may, for some guests, be their first indication that a wedding is even on the cards. Many guests will also choose to keep their wedding invitations as a memento of the day, and some couples have theirs framed as a keepsake. For these reasons, and more, it’s therefore important that you ensure your wedding invitations are as beautiful and unique as the rest of your wedding day.

Envelopes :
When it comes to envelopes, you will also have the choice of either making your own or buying them new. But bear in mind that the larger your guest list, the more time consuming crafting your own envelopes will be. Most brides find it simple enough to purchase envelopes in bulk and add their own unique touches to the design. Start by choosing the perfect color for your envelopes by visiting wedding invitation sites. Matching the color of the envelopes to the primary color theme of your wedding is a clever idea that will give clues to your guests about the decor and design, and may give them some ideas for their outfits.

Include a Gift :
Some couples go the extra mile by including a gift with their wedding invitations. It’s very common for these types of gifts to be engraved, as a personal touch that is sure to impress any guest. However, it’s more popular to place such keepsakes on the dining tables at the wedding reception, try including them in your invitations as a way to offer a unique and thoughtful gesture.weddinginvitation2

Make it About Your Relationship :
The point of a wedding is, of course, for your friends and family to witness a declaration of love made between you and your partner. This event is all about you, therefore it wouldn’t be seen as too self-serving to include details of your relationship in the wedding invitation. Some choose to turn their invitations into a timeline; others use a map to illustrate all the important milestones they’ve reached together. Others simply choose to include their engagement photo, as a reminder of the love that’s being celebrated.weddnginvitation3

Use Unconventional Materials :
Invitations don’t necessarily have to be made out of paper. Depending on your time and budgetary restrictions, there’s simply no limit on what you can make your invitations out of. Ideas include:

Word-of-Mouth (usually a phone call)
Digital (usually either a text or an email)
Embroidered Bags
The Finishing Touchweddinginvitation

Finally, to make your wedding invitations totally unique, you could think about including a handwritten message to each of your guests. Doing so will not only show that you’ve put time and effort into your invitations, but that you care and respect each of the people you are inviting. Invest in a good ink pen and brush up on your calligraphy before personalizing each and every invitation with a message from the heart.

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