Wedding Invitation Do’s and Dont’s

So you have finally settled on a guest list, and now come the actual invitations! Rules. Rules. Rules. The intricacies of how to put together a formal wedding invitation may soon have your eyes crossed and neck in knots.

As old as weddings themselves, wedding etiquette has played a role in the wedding planning process. Who pays for what, who gets invited, what comes first? These are all questions that have answers and rules to live by. As we continue through the 21st century and as Twitter updates and FB posts become more and more popular, these rules are changing and are no longer set in stone.

Wedding etiquette is always important part to care throughout your wedding ceremony. At the first, wedding invitations will set the tone and style of your wedding, and these invitations also have tips about all the do’s and don’ts, before you seal them, stamp them and send them off.invitn-dos-donts

What You Should Do:

  • Make sure that every guests name is spelt correctly.
  • DO showcase your personality. Although formal wedding invitations are nice, it’s not a mandate that you have to use them if you would rather do something a bit more creative. Pinterest has a ton of ideas for making invitations that showcase your own kind of style and personality, so definitely go to site and put “wedding invitation ideas” in the search field before placing your order.
  • If someone hasn’t confirmed a week after your RSVP date, give them a call.
  • Remember to include save-the-date postage when calculating your wedding budget.
  • DO follow wedding invitation etiquette. There is a certain kind of etiquette that should be followed with your wedding invitations. Make sure to spell out titles (other than Mr. or Mrs.). Make sure to mention who is hosting the event. Make sure to properly list the parents (if they are no longer together). Make sure that you put the time of day (either “am” or “pm” or “in the morning” or “in the evening”). And definitely make sure there are no grammatical errors.
  • Follow up with a wedding invitation, which you should mail four to six weeks before the actual celebration.
  • Do remember to put the hour of the ceremony. It also is an indication of the formality of the reception.
  • DO remember to add the inserts. An invitation is what provides people with all of the pertinent information that they need about your special day. This is why you should make sure that you not only include the invite itself but also the reception card, a small map, hotel information and anything else that you feel is necessary.
  • Order about 15-20 more invitations than you think you will need. You are bound to make mistakes when you are filling them out.

What You Should Not Do:

  • Give too much information about the wedding, stick to the basics.
  • DON’T have a small or hard to read font. Some fonts are fun to look at but really hard to read on certain kinds of printing paper or in certain colors. In choosing one for your invitations, it’s smart to think “Can my grandmother read this?” If the answer is no, either make the font larger or change it to something more legible.
  • E-mail your save-the-date info.
  • Send gift registry information. The only place to include that is with a shower invitation.
  • Forget to put the dress code on the invitations.
  • DON’T be too wordy. Sometimes there’s a temptation to say too much on a wedding invitation. Things like poems or the story of how you two met is really better served on your wedding program instead.
  • Don’t use abbreviations other than Mr. Mrs. Dr. and Jnr.
  • Don’t use labels on invitations or their envelopes. Rather handwrite them.
  • DON’T place your registry information inside of them. There are some people who think that it’s helpful to put a small card inside of their invitations to let their guests know where they are registered. Honestly, that’s a pretty tacky thing to do. It’s best to put that info on your wedding website instead.
  • Don’t seal the envelopes and then write the names and addresses on the envelop, as it may leave indents on the invitation itself.

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