Grooms Wedding Check List

Grooms Wedding Check List:

  • Do you know grooms also have so many to do lists before wedding arrives. Both bride and groom will have equal things to do before their wedding.
  • Most of the traditional weddings end up with lots of pre-wedding ceremonies and different kind of rituals.
  • Hence, both bride and Groom should and must take care of do’s and don’ts for and before their wedding day.
  • I came up with few ideas and suggestions. So, today let us discuss about Groom’s Check list.


Select and arrange all the suits and different attires you choose to wear on different wedding rituals. Make sure to take a trail of each pair and arrange them accordingly to occasion.


Pick all the manly accessories which are needed for a groom such as perfumes, watches, different brooches for every attire you wear.


Beauty is not made only for women. It has equal importance for men too. A Groom looks handsome if he has good personality with manly physique. So, try to make a diet chart and follow it regularly or else join gym, yoga or any other exercise which you are interested in.

Hair cut:

Go for a regular hair cut. If you want to go for a new hair style don’t try it on your wedding day, firstly make a try before your wedding and check whether it suits you or not and make sure to choose the best for your look.


Plan a surprise for your bride. Gift something special for her. Along with your bride plan some gifts for her family and your beloved friends as a memorable momentum of your Wedding. It doesn’t have to be either expensive or lavish but it should be something special which turns to most magical moment of her life



Dance makes everyone happy and cheerful and if the dance is performed by the Groom to her Bride, What else can be the most magical moment of the day. Plan for a surprise dance performance for your bride and a couple dance with your bride. Make sure to schedule the timings for your practice sessions and engage a choreographer for your dance performances.


Photos are the one who captures our life time magical moments in to pictures and lives with us lifelong. They make a special place in our lives. These can neither be ignored nor forget, Engage with a professional photographers for all the pre and post wedding rituals as now-a-days getting their dates became so crucial.

Wedding planning:

Plan your wedding day, as per you and your bride dreams. If you want to make something new and out of the routine traditional weddings, pre-plan the theme, take the help of your and brides family and make it successful.



Plan your honeymoon trip. Make all the necessary arrangements required for the trip including documents, tickets, travelling, staying, food and all. Make sure to arrange all the needs from the first day to till the return of the day.


Make sure not to miss any of the things which have more prominence in your wedding. Recheck all the items. Don’t mess up in the last moment. Don’t be stressed out if anything is missed and try for alternative. Hope these are helpful.

Happy Wedding!!

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