Top 5 Beauty cares to be taken by Bride before Wedding

Top 5 Beauty cares to be taken by Bride before Wedding:

  • Wedding is an auspicious day in every girl’s life. It is life time’s biggest dream for most of the girls.
  • In every marriage the list of works will never end till the wedding day arrives. Few still remains incomplete in so many cases.
  • In all these aspects Bride will miss her beauty due to hectic wedding works. As there will be many pre-wedding rituals in every marriage, bride will be tired and exhausted.
  • To overcome all the problems faced before wedding a bride must take few steps and precautions before wedding to fell in love more and more with her beauty.
  • Wedding day beauty should not start a week or few days before wedding. It should be pre-planned from months and to take extra care regarding her looks.
  • To look more beautiful on her wedding date every bride needs some love and care towards her looks. The below are the important and must needed list for every bride to look energetic, healthy, beautiful on her wedding day.


Below is the Top 5 List of things to be done by Bride before wedding date arrives for her beauty:

  1. Skin Care:
  • Due to heavy stress and travelling for various reasons bride loses her beauty of the skin and faces many problems.
  • To bring back the beauty, one has to take care of her skin from head to toe.
  • Dermatologist is the best advice to consult before wedding to fight with acne and other skin problems, especially for face.
  • If the time is less and can’t get the total course from Dermatologist, you can visit a spa that will help you out different facials, full body massages and skin care treatments in lesser time.
  • Along with all these, try to make homemade remedies for facials and make your skin glow naturally. 
  1. Hair Care:
  • It loses its shine, smoothness, dryness because of dust and pollution while travelling.
  • Talk to your stylist before making some decision. They suggest you the best style which suits you.
  • Generally, Split ends, Dry hair are causes of Vitamin B deficiency. Foods like Eggs, fish, Carrot, Beetroot will help to get rid of this. You can even consult doctor and take medication.
  • Try to get a frequent scalp massage, hair spa prior to the wedding. This helps to make the pores to open up for roots on your scalp. Gives a good healthy hair.

  • Apply some hair pack at least twice a week for healthy hair.
  1. Fitness:
  • Beauty comes from healthy life.
  • Fitness is must for every bride to let the stress flow out and our inner soul a happy one.
  • Fitness can be achieved in many ways. Every fitness type has its own importance and benefits. You can choose any type of fitness strategy depending upon your interests.
  • Few fitness strategies are Yoga, gym, aerobics, Exercise and many more. You can get many number of YouTube videos on all these categories.
  • If possible consult a trainer and join some training institute. Trainer guides with the best aspect of achieving fitness.
  • All these fitness not only shape up your body externally but also keeps your body more healthy and.
  • These also develop strength, confidence and they are really best way to stress relief.
  1. Food:
  • Bride’s beauty also depends upon the food taken. Before wedding bride should intake healthy food.
  • Avoid oily and fried food items. This leads to excess of oil in your body and may cause acne and other skin problems.
  • Prepare a time table for every meal and make sure you won’t miss any of the meal timings.

    This helps to keep your body healthy

  • Try to take as many vegetables, leafy vegetables, eggs as possible. Drink liquids like juices, coconut water.
  • Drink plenty of water. Minimum 2 liters of water should be drunk. This helps to clean your body internally and decreases acne problem also. You can see the difference in a week.
  1. Diet:
  • Maintain a particular diet every day.
  • Consult a dietician before following some diet format.
  • Give minimum 2 hours of gap between every meal you take.
  • Eat little and eat frequently. Your food should be healthy, nutrition.
  • Diet should include Green tea, Lunch, Evening snacks, dinner.
  • Always remember not to skip any of the meal. Try to eat less for the dinner compared to breakfast and lunch.


  • All the above will show their results only if you are happy. Make yourself stress free and be happy.
  • Happiness brings you the real glow and natural beauty for your face so never loses it.
  • Before taking any step don’t forget to consult a Doctor.
  • On your wedding day don’t sit with empty stomach. Eat something. Make sure to be stress free. Relax yourself.

At the end of the day it’s your wedding.

Love Yourself! Be Happy!

Make your wedding most memorable!

Happy Wedding!!

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