Best tips to make a Perfect Wedding Planning

“Wedding” a most waited occasion of our life. Every person’s life time dream. If our wedding is done in a perfect way and that too in the budget we planned for, No limits for our happiness right?

Planning our wedding is the biggest task. To make it successful one must pre-plan it and make sure nothing is missed out from our list.

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Now a days we have many wedding planners, event managers and many more who helps us to make our wedding more easy and memorable. Though they will take care of our wedding in the best way, still we need to keep an eye on them. After all it’s your wedding and you don’t want to miss anything. Below are few things which should be listed and rechecked before your wedding date arises.

So, here are few tips for a perfect Wedding planning:

  • In our Indian Traditional Wedding, the primary importance is given to our guests. List the guests and make sure no one is missed.
  • Plan a venue where all the guests can fit easily, their comfort is our priority.

  • After venue, it comes for decoration. Choose the types of decorations which you need for different celebrations.
  • Make arrangements for their staying with all the needs.
  • Every wedding comes to a happy ending only if the guests are happier with the hospitality and food provided for them, hence prepare a list of items which should be served on different occasions.
  • Now a days, return gifts are also became an important aspect of rituals. Make a list of return gifts which comes in your budget according to the gender and age.
  • Entertainment is most needed for any weddings, this makes people to come closer and enjoy the event which remains as a memorable day for their lifetime.
  • You can choose the themes for different rituals according to the custom and your traditions. This makes wedding more interesting for all the guests.

  • After all it’s a bride-groom day, you may also conduct some special programs for them to make it memorable.
  • Flowers – attraction of the venue. Loved by ladies. Speak to a Florist, and engage for all the occasions.
  • Attire’s – without bride and groom attires how could a wedding plan will be completed. Make a list of number of costumes need for all the ceremonies. Make sure to get all the costumes atleast 20 days before the wedding date arrives.
  • Try to fix your wedding dates in such a way that none of your loved ones miss your wedding.
  • How could we forget photographers, who click our memories and keeps them with us forever. Engage photographers and videographers for all the ceremonies, so that you can’t miss a single frame.
  • Recheck your list to make sure of not missing anything and have a happy wedding.

Conclusion :

The best suggestion is to hire a Wedding planner, sit together with them, discuss all pro’s and con’s of your wedding, Keep an eye on the work. This helps you to over come last minute hurdles on your wedding day and makes most memorable day for both couple and the guests. All the best, Happy Wedding !!

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