Wedding Attire’s

Introduction: It can be clearly seen that in our Indian Weddings, the most attraction for the whole session of marriage will be Bride and Bridegroom. They themselves will look charming during this beautiful occasion of theirs and their attire’s will add some more beauty and charm and make them even more colorful.

Even the attire chosen by broom and bride will have a traditional approach. The style of draping, Choice of color according to occasion and timing etc., every thing will have some traditional approach behind. The beauty of the Indian Wedding lies with half probability in the attires itself.

Bride: Generally Bride keeps on a sari or lehanga with cute and apt jewels to be the attraction of the event. The color of the sari or lehanga is of great significance, and is different for different communities. Colors like Red, Yellow, Green and White are considered as auspicious for these occasions. The most widely used or opted color is Red as it symbolizes prosperity, fertility, and saubhagya. Along with this very attractive sari or lehanga, bride also keeps on ornaments which are primarily made of gold or other precious stones.


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Groom: The groom wears a dhoti or sherwani which also has a lot of subtle but intricate embroidery. The color of dhoti or the sherwani is usually white, offwhite or beige. In North-India, the groom also wears a turban with white flowers tied in suspended strings called the Sehra. In some traditions, he may also sport a sword as part of his wedding outfit


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In most south Indian weddings, both the bride and the groom have a kajal (black) mark on their cheek, to ward off ill omen and evil eye. Though the bride and the groom clearly
steal the show with their exquisite outfits, the families of the bride and the groom, friends, relatives and guests wear very grand clothes. Thus, a typical Indian wedding is a very colorful affair!




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