10 things to nurture your Relationship


Relationships whether it is marriage or in love with each other or a live-in-relation whatever it is, it needs certain things to be successful. A great quot-er once quoted that a relation is like a seed, in order for it to grow into a plant and further into a tree it requires love, caring, affection and often but not seldom romance else it will wither away before it’s grown into a plant or die after growing into a plant before it reaches its maturity.


10 things you should observe in your relation:

1. Honest Communication:

No matter what be honest with your partner in everything. It doesn’t mean you have to be cynical but kind and open heart while communicating with your partner. You shouldn’t be shy to communicate without communication the bridge between you two doesn’t wither but will rip you both apart.

2. Trust:

Your partner should be able to trust you. A relation where there is no trust is like eyes without sight. You can exist but you will never enjoy your relation. If your partner can’t trust you or vice versa then there is no meaning in such a relationship. It’s better to end that relation than prolonging it and ultimately being sad.

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3. Sharing:

It will be better for you to share your ideas, dreams, goals with your partner. If your partner does it you shouldn’t laugh at him/her but should be supporting. It also enhances your relation if you share your day with each other it doesn’t mean you should share every minute detail of it but enough so that you can form a bond between you two.

 4. Compassion:

You should be affectionate and compassionate with your partner. Any good relationship needs them in order to bloom. Don’t be quick to judge your partner but be compassionate and understanding. At the end of the day when they spend their time with you what they need is your affection but not your judgment.

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5. Willing to Compromise:

In heated arguments both of you hurt each other unknowingly and end up regretting it after the end of moment. So before it goes to that level compromise, there is nowhere written you shouldn’t compromise and have to get everything your way. Life is full of compromises and be wise to learn it and be a strong person.

6. Forgiveness:

Often you may feel responsible for hurting your partner or vice versa. The easiest way to be happy is to forget and forgive. Don’t be proud to ask for forgiveness when you did a mistake and at the same time when your partner asks you the same don’t be stubborn to accept it and move on. If you do so you will never have peace in your relation.

7. Emotional Support:

You should be an emotional support to your partner. She/He should have faith in you and entrust with everything in your lives. Offer emotional and moral support in times of need. You should be like a stone on which your partner can lean on but not like a loose sand that doesn’t give you enough footing to stand.

8. Intimacy:

No matter how many years passed, how old you grow intimacy is a much needed recipe for the dish of relationship along with love.  If you don’t feel the spark between you two rekindle it and create more intimacy.

9. Romance:

It’s like a sweet dessert you can’t help but want to devour in your life. You may love your partner but unless you show it or speak it out loud sometimes it doesn’t count. Treat yourselves both for a whirlwind of romance now and then. It is healthy for your relationship and as good as a doctor’s prescription for your health.

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10. Individuality:

No matter how much you love your partner and vice versa sometimes both of you need your independent space. So have your own space and respect your partner enough if she/he does for that. Individual spaces are also essential in a healthy relationship, breathing down the neck is not always wanted and sometimes it may make your partner  feel constricted so don’t do that.


Life is short to live with regrets and nobody knows what the next second will bring into the life so have fun, avoid disagreements, spend time with each other. Nobody knows everything at the time of birth they learn with their growing age. Same applies to the relation you may make mistakes but learn from them and don’t repeat them. Then you will be the master of your own relationship. There is no necessary guide for a relationship everything lies with in you and your own hands because every relation is unique and one of its kind.


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