7 things to consider for throwing your BFF Bachelorette Party


Your BFF getting married is definitely most enjoyable and party time for you along with her. But there are certain things that have to be followed to give her proper send off before her D-day. One of them is certainly a Bachelorette party.Instead of her planning and stressing over herself why not you throw it for her and make her happy?If you are worrying how you can do that you need not fret yourself worrying how to plan it. Here are some fun loving and easy going ideas for you to plan her and give her a wonderful surprise.

7 things you might actually like:

You might be thinking every party is more or less same and what more new you can do for her. Well here are some creative ideas for you to do it.

1. Surprise:

Remember surprise is the key here. All your plannings should be behind her back beforehand that way you can surprise her before she decides to throw a party herself. Get her to your predestined place by booking a full day spa treatment for her and arrange everything there right from package to dress. If you want to plan out of station party it is even more good try beaches something like that.

2. Invites:

Send Invites to all members you think should be present in the party either by email or an actual card. Take care so that nobody doesn’t feel annoyed about not getting invitation. Ask them to save that day in their calendars. If you think it will be too much take help of your mutual friends too and assign them some work to do like sharing. That way you can get more work done everybody will feel happy for their contribution.

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3. Unique Dress Code:

Choose favorite color of bride and ask everyone to be in that particular color. If you want you all can design tees with her face on it saying some quotes like “We Love You Naina” and so on. You can arrange a special dress for her making her feel special.

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4. Games:

Gone are the days spinning a bottle and asking questions and it’s little boring too. So ask her to do something she wouldn’t dare to do normally like role play, dance, talking with a complete stranger, blindfold games like someone touching her and she should guess that person correctly. If she fails she should drink her cup of tea whichever it might be like orange juice, mock-tails and if all are interested cocktails.

5. Indulging Fun:

Make her call her fiance and ask some questions in front of you people without revealing all of your presence there. You can compile some questions from all of your friends and mail it to her fiance for him to answer. Read your questions and ask her what his answers might be and how many she got correct. It will definitely be fun.

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6. Gifts:

Place gifts in various places and ask her to find them by giving clues like a treasure hunt. Make her last gift to be her fiance in a mask and capture her reaction when he reveals his face. You can make them to dance. Somewhere in the middle of party you can ask her fiance to join you all along with his friends too all of them in masks and ask her to identify her fiance.

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7. Memories:

Ask all of party invitees to have a scrap book paper with a pic of bride and them individually or a group however they shared with her and display all of them before her arrival. You can also play video of those who can’t attend wishing her and video of you all having fun moments with her.


D-day is once in a lifetime event and celebrating it with every tradition is also a must and should else it will be like something is left undone. So if you wish throw your BFF a surprise bachelorette party not necessarily like above but may be with your own ideas of fun too.



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