7 Dont’s in A Relationship


Relations are such a fragile things without care they wither away just like a flower. Knowing how to be happy in a relationship and what to do is as important as knowing what not to do in a relationship. A relationship merely doesn’t depend just on your thoughts but it takes two to make it a successful one. Happily Ever After is just a thought not everything if you solely focus on it you will never be happy. Be content with what you have is always the best thing. Here are some tips you shouldn’t focus on in a relationship.

Don’t do these in a Relationship:

1. Don’t focus on other’s Relationships:

First thing you should keep in mind is every relation is unique and every relation is not as it appears to be. Don’t judge your relationship by the measures of other’s. It surely does feel good seeing others but it doesn’t solve your problems instead creates more. Have a relationship with your own signature on it not others. Create something special for yourself.

2. Don’t pre-idealize the situations:

When you are in a particular situation don’t imagine how it should be focus on what it is and how to solve it. Don’t idealize your partner should be in such a way and should do what you expect. Try it by being practical don’t involve in fantasies which will get you nowhere but disappoint you.

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3. Don’t bring in a third wheel:

Never bring a third person into your relationship. No matter how much you want to involve a third person it’s definitely not good for your relationship. Try to solve your problems without involving any third person. You will never know how damaging it will be for your relationship listening to third member’s advise or allowing it to be.

4. Don’t bring outside issues between you:

Don’t bring outside issues like office problems or neighbor’s into your relation. It’s good to share things with your partner but pinpointing everything is also not good. It may create unnecessary friction in your relation. Let them stay outside of your doorstep not inside.

5. Don’t take each other for Granted:

Don’t take everything granted in your relationship. Times change, things change after some years down the road in your relationship may be you will find changes even in you. So don’t take anything for granted in your relationship. May be sometimes taking things at face value is good than taking for granted.

6. Don’t bring up past:

What happened in past(whether bad circumstances or exes) should stay there. Past may shape you what you are today but you can definitely change that according to your present too. Bringing bad memories of past again and again creates certain wedge in your relation. Let it go and think about present and future rather than dwelling in past. It’s never healthy to do so.

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7. Don’t Sleep with a Grudge:

Never go to bed with grudge between you both, it will rip you both apart if you allow it. Deal with it and go to sleep with everything settled between you both. It will give you both peace of mind else it will shatter your mind.

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There are no rules which say a relation should be this way or that way. You will learn everything at face value so be patient and learn along the way. If you think the passion between you simmered down rekindle it remember relationship is not just a joy ride you are in it for lifetime.






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