20 Things Men Want Women to Do in a Relationship

leavethethird_personout2While men complain that women are complicated, we know at times nothing is harder than getting inside your guy’s mind and getting him to share his feelings. We made the job easy for you with our list of top 20 things that men wish women knew about them. Take cue and surprise your man.

Let men be men: Guy bonding is as important as your girl nights out. So the next time he says he wants to hang out with the boys, let him. Chances are he’ll be back de-stressed and in a great mood to listen.

Surprise him instead: While it’s great to be surprised, once in a while take a break from the traditional and surprise him. Pick up hints from everyday conversations and surprise him with the one thing he really wants.

Cook a meal: Whoever said the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach was bang on. Cook your guy a delicious meal every once in a while and score yourself some brownie points.lendanattentiveear

Watch sports: Think of it as taking interest in something that he is passionate about. Be a part of the cricket or football match he is watching and root for his team. Totally worth it!

Don’t leave him in the dark: While playing hard to get works at times, in a relationship it is best to express yourself honestly. It helps to work as a couple, and if he is not okay with what you really want then its best to know it and move on.

Tell him you love him: Each time he has a bad day at work, says something embarrassing in front of your friends, does a household chore wrong, take a moment and make him feel loved. After all you would love it too right?holdpassionateconversations

Have your own life: No man is ever going to say this to you, but it is important to have your own set of friends, passions and hang-outs. Couple acts are good but every once in a while take a break and be by yourself and your girls.

Don’t be mentally accompanied: Your ex is an ex for a reason and no matter how badly he broke your heart constant comparisons between him and your current flame helps no one.

Hold passionate conversations: No this is not what you are thinking! When with your man, say what you really want to. Tell him about your dreams, your passions without having the fear of sounding un-cool. Just be yourself and avoid an act.menletgofaster

Lend an attentive ear: While men lack on this bit, we don’t. Lend a supportive shoulder and an attentive ear and get to know the real him with all his insecurities and unfulfilled dreams. It will help you know him better and understand his behavior.

Let him be the hero: Everyone needs positive affirmations from time to time. Let you man know that you appreciate him and he makes you happy.

Tell him what you want: Men are just wired differently and you might have to spell out really obvious things for them to understand. So if he says no to attending your best friend’s birthday bash, don’t just say ‘fine’ and expect him to know that he has to be there. Look him in the eye and say it.

Be emotionally mature: Handle the differences in your relationship in a mature manner. Rather than charting blame or criticising, acknowledge the problem and work towards it.

If he says he’s fine, he is: If he doesn’t communicate but says he is fine, chances are he really is. Let him have his space and take his time to deal with issues. Don’t try to fix things.

If he says he’s fine, he is: If he doesn’t communicate but says he is fine, chances are he really is. Let him have his space and take his time to deal with issues. Don’t try to fix things.

Some men say it with actions: You might not hear him appreciate you often but some men prefer to show their feelings through actions rather than words. You guy might not say ‘I love you’ everyday but he might fix things around the house, keep your car running and at times even take out the trash.somemensayitwithactions

He really is listening: When women listen, we tend to nod our heads and add in a ‘yes’ or ‘I see’ to let the other person know that we are paying attention. Men tend to not do this. So if he is just staring ahead while you talk, don’t worry he is listening quietly to what you are saying.

Men let go faster: Women tend to remember experiences longer and have lingering feelings of stress and sadness. In contrast, men are less likely to dwell on the unpleasant and move on. So while you may want to discuss last night’s argument, chances are your guy barely remembers it. Don’t misconstruct it as lack of concern, he is just wired differently.

Keep it interesting: Once a while, do something totally unexpected and mysterious. It helps keep things exciting for both of you.tellhimyoulovehim

Leave the insecurity aside: Trust your man. If he says he wasn’t checking out that girl, believe him. After all there is a big difference between looking and wanting. Know it and be secure and confident in your relationship.

Leave the third person out: While we women love to share our feelings with our BFFs there are some things (only some!) that must be kept between the two of you. Don’t let the third person become an active voice in your relationship.

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